Here are a few resources and freebies that we made especially$$ for you.*

$*$not entirely, we made those for our own use and then thought of you right away.

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No-BS SaaS Website - 10 templates | Figma

Soundboard | Figma Community

Ramen Shop | Figma Community

Swiss Army Knife Search Component | Figma Community


Spiral select interaction

Star rating interaction

Success confetti animation


Inco Icons | Figma Community

Shop icons | Figma Community


Cool Blender Glass Material

What is 3 Sided Coin?

Design studio. India. fun process. Serious output.

We’re a scrappy bunch of tinkerers, internet gadabouts and kickass designers who find new, fun ways of using creativity to solve serious business problems.

We specialise in research, editorial and product design.

We’re kickass designers. We’ve found (over time) that our best ideas come when we’re not staring at Figma, Blender, or Rive. We’re good to talk to and deal with (so we’ve been told!). We have several hobbies outside of work which add on to what we do at work.

We are 3 Sided Coin.